Friday, February 20, 2009

Pinch Media on iPhone App Usage

Pinch Media released an awesome presentation about iPhone app usage. I haven't validated their data directly, but if it is accurate it has some very important implications for the companies who think they can make a business with free, ad supported apps.

Check it out:

Most of this is pretty well-known to entertainment and e-commerce people: the hit dynamics, the seasonality, the pricing strategies. But the sharp usage drop-offs suggest that for most apps -- not the highly used, sticky ones, but the vast majority of apps -- too few impressions are being generated to justify an ad model. The key slides are #23-#25.


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Jack said...

That is definitely right, long term application usage are rare. as per your post it is only 1%, it is 1 in a 100 to have one. Improving your apps will do the trick, I think?

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