Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dangerously Unfit

If you thought I was stretching when I questioned McCain's personal narrative and described him as the callow beneficiary of nepotism and favors, read Tim Dickinson's new article in Rolling Stone. If anything, I understated what an asshole he was and is.  If Obama had received this much "affirmative action," he'd be answering for it every day.
Well, perhaps it just won't matter.  Looks like the pigeons are coming home to roost.  McCain is conceding defeat in Michigan, one of the few blue states he had a chance to pick off.  Now he can only play defense, hoping to stop the Obama machine from rolling him in Virginia, North Carolina, and Missouri, while he tries to put the math together to win with a bare minimum majority in the electoral college.
I think we'll be seeing a lot more of Jeremiah Wright, sex ed for kindergartners, and dead abortion babies in the weeks to come, as Johnny Pugilism hits the ropes for the last time.
Oh, and perky Palin wins the debate tonight if she manages not to fart, drool, or confuse Palestine with Pakistan.  Post-Couric, expectations are so low it is almost impossible for her to under-perform.  That said, she's got to be nerved out -- the pressure on her must be ridiculous. She's the last chance McCain has to reverse the tide at this point.
Biden is not exactly inspiring a lot of confidence, either. I attended an intimate dinner with Biden in LA last year, when he was cranking up his campaign. He's a nice guy, but boy can he spew bullshit.  Somebody asked him an ethanol question that could have been answered in one sentence, and he talked for almost 20 excruciating minutes.
I think the Hartford Courant had the best line on Biden v. Palin: that the audience is anticipating the debate with "ghoulish fascination -- like waiting for a crash at a NASCAR race ..."

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